Pre-natal Breastfeeding Classes

Prenatal breastfeeding classes are designed for the pregnant woman who wants to prepare for her breastfeeding experience, and for her partner so that they can participate in supporting the expectant mother’s breastfeeding goals.

In a relaxed, fun atmosphere Ayelet Kaznelson offers a comprehensive 2 hour class covering many topics such as –

  • latch and positioning
  • how to know my baby is getting enough to eat
  • pumping
  • milk storage guidelines
  • diet and exercise
  • breast anatomy and physiology
  • common concerns and how to avoid or cope with them
  • medication
  • and much more…..
    Partners are encouraged to attend, so that they can participate in supporting the new mother’s breastfeeding goals.
    Fee- $75
    To register please call Seleni (their beautiful facility is at 207 EAST 94th Street, NYC) at 212-939-7200 or go to http://seleni.org/care/program-registration
    Ayelet Kaznelson, IBCLC