Breast Pump Inspection

We provide something no one else does:

The Upper-Breast-Side-Breast-Pump-Inspection 

Simply bring in your pump- whatever the origin... Bring any parts that you plan on re-using...and we will gauge, inspect and get an overall look-see. Twenty dollars ($20) for the inspection** to determine whether your pump's suction is working well...and gentle suggestions on what parts, if any, you should refresh.

Breast pump accessories are a separate purchase. Inspections are conducted up to 30 minutes before closing- no reservations needed.  Be sure to bring your pump attachments… (If your breast pump was purchased here- hooray!- the inspection fee is waived).

 **we currently inspect the Medela Pump In Style, Freestyle, and Swing..... and the Ameda Purely Yours. We also inspect Medela and Ameda Hospital Grade pumps.

We are NOT inspecting the Hygeia, Avent or Spectra electric pumps at this time.