Milk Bank Depot

Your donated human milk will be shipped by us to the newly opened New York Milk Bank for processing and then will be sent to Neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU) in hospitals or homes where a mother's own milk is unavailable or insufficient.

Please contact the New York Milk Bank office to leave a message if you are interested in donating  or have further questions...they will return your phone call and conduct a 10 minute screening to start the ball rolling.  (914) 487-4812.

Once you have been screened you will obtain an identification number enabling you to bring us your milk donation.  Please call us 24 hours prior to drop-off, so we can confirm that we have the available space in our Milk Depot freezer.  

Additionally, if you wish to purchase milk from the New York Milk Bank, please visit their website or call them (914) 487-4812 and leave a message.