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Q&A Felina

There is that look that expecting moms have when they visit us the first time.  Deer-in-the-headlights, dazed and confused, or simply, "can't-ask-what-I-don't-know".  This new session is intended to discuss the strategies that you have been trying to unravel before the big day.

Sign up for our Q&A to discuss the best of what we have gathered from ALL the visitors here since 1999...preparing your "team" of helpers (lactation consultants, doulas, partners & grandparents), latest evidence-based info on the various pump models & which work best for YOU and your baby, the best nesting products that you could obtain beforehand and best of all, a discount on a breast pump consult with us (*).

Light refreshments served, class size limited.  Register as early in your pregnancy as you are comfortable. Our info is better utilized before you begin ordering and purchasing products. Email us directly with subject: "Q&A" and include with your name and contact info. Classes will be held weekdays at 6 pm for approximately an hour.  Click here to view Calendar- New dates will be posted continuously.   Cost: $30 for you and your birthing partner. Purchase slot here.


Upper Breast Side Latch-On Clinic with Bev Solow

If a baby is not latching on or feeding well, or if the mother is already experiencing too much pain to offer her breast at each feeding, pumping and supplementing with pumped milk may help to preserve breastfeeding until comfortable breastfeeding can be resumed. When difficulties present themselves, Bev provides mothers with information and options so that they can make informed choices about how to reach their goals.

9:30 am — 11:00am, Most Thursdays.
To make an appointment, you must call her directly:  212-567-1112 ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Breastfeeding preparation & Support with Ayelet Kaznelson, IBCLC.

Prenatal breastfeeding classes are designed for the pregnant woman who wants to prepare for her breastfeeding experience, and for her partner so that they can participate in supporting the expectant mother’s breastfeeding goals.

In a relaxed, fun atmosphere Ayelet Kaznelson offers a comprehensive 2 hour class covering many topics such as:
  • latch and positioning
  • how to know my baby is getting enough to eat
  • pumping
  • milk storage guidelines
  • diet and exercise
  • breast anatomy and physiology
  • common concerns and how to avoid or cope with them
  • medication
  • and much more...
Partners are encouraged to attend, so that they can participate in supporting the new mother’s breastfeeding goals. Fee- $75 To register please call Seleni (their beautiful facility is at 207 EAST 94th Street, NYC) at 212-939-7200 or go to /care/program-registration
Ayelet Kaznelson, IBCLC