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Evidence Based Information and Videos for Parents

resource to get great information on nursing
Infant Risk Center
Hotline for medication while pregnant or nursing

resource regarding babies and sleep

The authority on what really happens when we co-sleep with our babies.



Paced Bottle Feeding Video
Paced Bottle Feeding
(not the method our grandma's showed us) Video here.  

For those who seek help when "Baby won't take a bottle"...also a good alternative feeding method for newborns....Cup Feeding Video here.



For more information on basic dynamics affecting how much milk you make: The Magic Number & Long Term Milk Production


Advocacy and those moments when we get our bras-in-a-bunch and want to kick some booty

The Dept. of Financial Services of NY, which oversees our state insurance companies and how they behave to its constituents- does NOT THINK THERE is a problem in the process which new moms go through obtaining pumps.  They tell us that they have NOT RECEIVED ANY COMPLAINTS.

If you beg to differ, then please find a few minutes to send them your experience. If just half of the moms that tell us what chaos they've encountered  do, we just might make a real change come about.  We would love to obtain a when we meet with the Insurance office again, we have proof positive.

It isn't acceptable to wait days for a pump.  It is horrifying that the approval process for a pump -when you are having  breastfeeding and/or supply challenges- could take days or longer.  Lastly, its just plain stupid that the company you call through your insurance provider doesn't triage you to find out what caliber pump you need (and provide it immediately).

The Upper Breast Side Corporation is currently an out-of network Durable Medical Equipment facility, NPI # 1669-72-6998.  We provide receipts of your payment to submit to your insurance provider.