The Upper Breast Way to Store Your Milk

I am really upset by all that floating plastic island in the ocean...and if there's anything that I can do about curtailing plastic manufacturing and disposal...I try my best.

So here's my take on Milk Trays™ vs. plastic milk storage bags:

Plastic storage bags are certainly a more stream-lined strategy...but are meant to only be used once...which also adds up to a lot of Moolah.  Milk Trays, on the other hand, will be filled with the milk poured from your bottles and once frozen, become the perfect one ounce "mozzarella stick" shaped milk stick (and later on, can be used for your veggie purees).

Don't store those sticks in the trays...but rather use a Pyrex Glass tray (the kind you freeze lasagna in) and cover, labeling with blue painter's tape.  Alternatively, store sticks in a gallon zip lock freezer bag (which also can be labeled with tape and can be reused).  Frozen milk can be stored for 4-6 months and your sticks simply need to go in a bag labeled by month and year.  TA-DA!