Milk Trays by Milkies

$ 25.99

I am really upset by all that floating plastic island in the ocean...and if there's anything that I can do about curtailing plastic manufacturing and disposal...I will.

So here's The Upper Breast Way to Store Your Milk (Click Here)

Manufacturer's notes: 

Made from PETG plastic, a medical-grade plastic meeting the highest standards in plastic and manufactured right here in the United States! Milk Trays™

  • 1 oz. Milk Sticks fit through ALL bottle openings, unlike “ice cubes”
  • Lids block out freezer burn, eliminate freezer smells and are easy to stack
  • Slim in size to ensure ample room in the freezer
  • Plastic is very flexible making it easy to remove the frozen Milk Sticks.
  • Reusable and can last, depending on use, for up to one year
  • Made from hard plastic and does not allow fat soluble nutrients to adhere or cling to the sides like the soft plastic of nurser bags
  • Invented by breastfeeding, working moms