Pumpin' Pal Pump Flanges

$ 15.00

Pumpin' Pal Flanges will work INSTEAD of the personal fit breast shields on Medela Pumps...

and they will work in conjunction with the Standard Ameda Shields.

Because of their unique slanted shape, they offer a different pumping environment, which is a great remedy for sore nipples, lower pumping yield, and relief for moms who could benefit from a slight leaning back position during pumping sessions. 


Here at the Upper Breast Side, we equate switching back and forth between these shields and the manufacturer's, to changing your shoe pair every day- so as to not acquire uncomfortable rubbing that may lead to uncomfortable rubs (pumping sessions).  Call us for more information.  

The Medium size covers a range from 23-30 mm.

The Large size covers a range from 26-35 mm.

The XLarge size covers a range from 30-41mm.