Medela Breast Shields for Medela Breast Pumps

$ 6.50

Breast shields are the funnel-like parts that touch your breast when you use a pump.

Medela offers different sizes: 21mm, 24mm (considered the company's standard), 27mm (considered by us a more likely "standard" if there is such a thing), 30mm, and 36mm.

Some moms could alternate between two sizes or kinds of pump shields to reduce discomfort.  Consider the use of a lubricant such as: your own breastmilk, olive oil...lanolin tends to be sticky so we prefer it for aftercare.

We sell these in "each's" so please specify "1" or a pair.  Call us if you would like more info on understanding how to decide if you should try a different shield size. During a pump consultation at our "Milk Bar,"  moms have an opportunity to try different shield sizes.