Simple Wishes Hands-Free Bustier

$ 37.50

On the tail of our old friend's great invention, the Simple Wishes brand has improved the issue of sizing (as in when mom's breasts expand and settle just hours apart in a 24 hour period).  And then there's the issue of how material does stretch, at least here and on Mars.  So when/if that happens, just have your lover reach in the back while you have it on, and pull that velcro in (or out) to adjust.  Perfecto!  Back in business and better massaging while you pump (see our Stanford University Massage Video).


Two sizes. One color (our decision):  Manhattan Black!

 Updated sizing chart will be posted shortly...order the bustier and let us know what your bra size was before you became pregnant and the best guess as to what it is now.  Not sure?  Include your phone number and we'll walk you through the decision.

FYI:  L-Plus provides extra coverage in height of the band for fuller figured women.


Please note that this product is not returnable or exchangeable.